How to Clean Your Vacation Rental in 5 Quick Steps

For the vast majority of renters, hygiene is one of the factors they care about the most when choosing a vacation rental. Without proper cleaning, not even the most well-furnished property is going to be able to garner positive reviews.

Hiring vacation rental cleaners from San Francisco, CA, will save you from trouble as these professionals are trained to tidy up your property efficiently. But if you want to face this challenge yourself, read the following article as we reveal the top five Airbnb maintenance steps for you today. Read on!

What is the fastest way to clean an Airbnb?

Tidying up an Airbnb can be a long and strenuous process, depending on the property size and the mess the previous occupants made. To make matters even more complicated, you sometimes have limited time to straighten everything up before the next guests arrive.

To fulfill your mission, you need a well-thought-out strategy that wastes no time. Here’s how to get everything done in 5 simple steps:

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Step No.1: Get ready.

  1. Gather all the supplies in advance. You’ll need microfiber cloths, mops, trash bags, a vacuum cleaner, warm water, EPA-registered cleaners/ dish soap, and disinfectants.
  2. Check the labels to make sure you understand how to use the products properly.
  3. Open the windows to ensure proper air circulation.
  4. Put on adequate protection, such as gloves, face masks, and goggles.
  5. Declutter all areas. Place the garbage in trash bags to limit germ circulation.
  6. Collect all dirty linens and don’t shake them, as this could promote the spread of pathogens.

Step No. 2: Wash, dust, and wipe.

  1. Take dirty linens to the washing machine and set it on the hottest cycle possible (consult the manufacturer’s recommendations beforehand as you don’t want to destroy your belongings).
  2. Deal with the dirty dishes. If they’re strewn all around the place, collect everything, load the dishwasher and turn it on. 
  3. Start wiping top-to-down with dish soap and warm water. Make sure to cover every nook and cranny, paying attention to inconspicuous areas (high wall corners, furniture tops, fixtures, picture frames, behind the toilet, etc.). Change the dish soap solution once it gets cloudy, and don’t forget to rinse everything. 
  4. Tackle all kitchen appliances, ensuring no traces of previous users are visible.
  5. Vacuum clean upholstery, cushions, carpets, and floors. If you need to machine-wash cushion cases, check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step No. 3: Disinfect everything.

  1. Once a hard surface has dried, disinfect it. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when sanitizing electronics.
  2. Allow the disinfectants to sit for the specified amount of time to get most of it. If you wipe the product straight away, it may not remove all the germs it could have. 
  3. Don’t wipe the chemicals. Instead, let them air dry. This way, you’ll be sure they killed as many microbes as possible.

Step No. 4: Double-check you’ve addressed everything properly.

  1. Go around the property to see if it meets the highest hygiene standards. Scrutinize every inch and make sure everything is grime-free and disinfected.
  2. If you notice you’ve missed something, tackle the area in question immediately. If you leave it for later, you might forget about it.

Step 5: The final touch.

  1. Put in new bedding and towels. Return the dishes and other utensils to their place. Restock hand sanitizer, disposable paper towels, and hand soaps.
  2. Visually inspect the unit one last time to ensure everything is in its place and ready for the next occupants.

Where can I find reliable vacation rental cleaners in San Francisco, CA?

The above steps seem so demanding and time-consuming, especially if you’re not a professional vacation rental cleaner. So many things can go wrong, and you might not be able to finish everything on time. That’s why it’s always better to leave everything to Adriana’s House Cleaning.We cooperate with highly qualified individuals who can handle any Airbnb upkeep challenge adequately. Call us today, and let the top-notch team we send to your address make your property spotless while you relax at Holly Park. Schedule an appointment now!