The Dos & Don’ts of Vacation Rental Cleaning

Every vacationer wants to unwind and relax in a spotless place, so successful Airbnb hosts naturally strive to provide impeccable accommodations. But reaching the goal of having a pristine space is sometimes easier said than done. There are so many details and challenges that need to be taken care of.

That’s why San Francisco, CA, based vacation rental cleaners can give you peace of mind as they know all Airbnb maintenance dos and don’ts like the backs of their hands. Today, they’re ready to share some of them with you. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the dos and don’ts of vacation rental cleaning?

Airbnb upkeep usually proves to be more labor-intensive than regular household maintenance. This is because you must follow a set of carefully designed steps, all to eliminate any traces of previous occupants and get the unit disinfected and ready to host new people.

There are many things you need to pay attention to, and here we have compiled a list of essential vacation rental cleaning dos and don’ts:

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  1. Start with the laundry and dishes. As you’ll probably have limited time, load the washing machine and the dishwasher first. While they do their job, you can focus on other tasks. This saves a lot of time, as you won’t need to wait for the dishwasher to finish so that you can reorganize dishes.
  2. Ensure fresh air flow. While tidying up in the unit, proper ventilation is crucial as it can improve indoor air quality and reduce exposure to potentially dangerous fumes.
  3. Make sure to wear personal protective gear to protect yourself while cleaning. 
  4. Use only EPA-registered products to boost your efficiency and enhance your safety while cleaning.
  5. Disinfect all high-touch areas. You don’t want your rental unit to turn into a pathogen hotbed, don’t you? So grab a disinfectant and address all risky surfaces. Just make sure they’re dirt-free first. 
  6. Don’t wipe the products straight away. They usually need some time to cut through the grime and remove germs. Check the labels carefully to make sure you understand how to use chemicals properly.
  7. Don’t turn a blind eye to your kitchen appliances. It’s not enough just to wipe their exterior, you’ll also need to deep clean them to keep them spotless for your visitors, who probably wouldn’t like a smelly fridge or grimy oven to welcome them. Also, check the toaster, coffee machine, dishwasher, and barbeque and give them a thorough scrub.
  8. Don’t forget to inspect cabinets, drawers, and closets. Your previous guests might have forgotten something, or you might need to restock some kitchen utensils and bathroom supplies.
  9. Don’t compromise your bathroom hygiene. To receive a 5-star review, keeping your bathroom sparkling is essential. Guests who find a lock of hair in the bathtub will immediately judge your entire unit’s cleanliness. So, take the time to wash and disinfect all surfaces, go behind the toilet, and organize the supplies in cabinets.
  10. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. There are so many details you need to pay attention to. If you’re not an experienced and trained professional, you might easily oversee something and put yourself in an embarrassing situation. So if you’re unsure you can meet top hygiene standards, it’s always advisable to hire experts to do it for you.

Where in San Francisco, CA, can I find experienced vacation rental cleaners?

The above tips and tricks are just a tip of a huge iceberg called vacation rental cleaning. Airbnb maintenance requires excellent organizational skills and a proper understanding of the cleaning and disinfecting process. That’s why calling Adriana’s House Cleaning to the rescue is your best bet.We make no shortcuts in scrubbing, and the professionals we cooperate with are trained to meet the most stringent industry standards. Go to Crane Cove Park and let leading experts enhance your property’s appeal. Book now!