The Ins & Outs of Vacation Rental Cleaning

To satisfy guests who have chosen your property, you should never take shortcuts when it comes to your vacation rental’s tidiness. You might not detect a hidden cobweb in a high corner of the room, but your visitors will definitely. Cleanliness is one of their top priorities when renting an Airbnb. 

But luckily, these days, you can easily find a reliable San Francisco, CA, based vacation rental cleaning service to boost your space’s appeal. If you don’t know much about vacation rental cleaning, check out the article below as we answer the three most frequently asked questions about it. Read on!

How long does it take to clean a vacation rental?

Sprucing up a vacation rental is more demanding than regular household maintenance, as you need to take care of your property from wall to wall. If you leave any dirt or stains behind, your guests will surely be disappointed.

How much time is required to straighten up your unit depends on a few factors:

  1. its size and number of beds,
  2. how much mess previous guests left behind,
  3. the experience of the vacation rental cleaner.

If you opt to take on this challenge on your own, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a very strenuous maintenance project. This is because there are so many tasks to be covered, and to make things even more stressful, you sometimes have limited time.

On the other hand, experienced professionals are trained to tidy up, wipe, and sanitize systematically and efficiently. They also have all vacation rental cleaning dos and don’ts at their fingertips and know what trouble areas are and how to deal with them appropriately. They usually need 2 to 4 hours to spruce up a rental property.

How long does it take to clean a vacation rental

Are Airbnb guests supposed to clean?

Airbnb hosts provide check-out procedures as a part of their online booking procedure. There are the House Rules which clearly specify what visitor behavior is inappropriate.

Usually, Airbnb guests can leave the property messy. But by doing so, they risk getting unfavorable Airbnb reviews. Many negative reviews can make them unwelcome guests in the eyes of other hosts, or the hosts may charge them for cleaning.

However, this doesn’t mean Airbnb guests need to make the rental unit spick-and-span before check-out. They shouldn’t worry about scrubbing the floors or dusting the drawers and shelves. Instead, they could just load the dishwasher, throw away trash and refrain from scattering food all over the property. 

How often should an Airbnb be cleaned?

To keep your Airbnb a top-desired rental unit among tourists, you need to invest a lot of time and dedication to keep it in its perfect shape. One of the most influential factors affecting your guest’s overall impression is hygiene.

That being said, you should have your Airbnb scrubbed right after each check-out. This is essential as you need to remove all traces of previous renters as soon as possible and prepare your unit for the next ones. 

In addition, leaving leftover food or spills for an extended time can damage your property. The smell of spoiled food or hardened stains will probably be challenging to remove. And what about microbes? They thrive in a dirty environment. 

If it’s been longer than a week between the last check-out and the next check-in, you should have your property professionally sanitized again right before the next check-in. This is because dust and dirt can accumulate in the unit even though it’s unoccupied, making it unsightly and lowering indoor air quality.

Where in San Francisco, CA, can I find a trustworthy vacation rental cleaning service for my Airbnb?

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