Privacy Policy

Demographic and profiles

Our site’s registration and survey forms require users to give us contact information ( name, email and address) and demographic information (your zip code, age, or income level). We use customer contact information from these registration and survey forms to send you information about our company, that you have requested: promotional materials and information us and appropriate  partners. Users may opt-out of receiving e mails at any time. Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. We use this data mainly to offer our best customer great savings by rewarding frequent service.  

If you are sent emails regarding specials and other money-saving promotions and do not wish to receive them we comply with the U.S. Can Spam Act of 2003 allowing you to unsubscribe. This will not affect any portion of our business relationship.

Under no circumstances will we ever sell, trade, barter, rent or lease your name to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  We feel that this is a violation of your privacy rights and we fully comply with all U.S. Federal privacy laws.

At Adriana’s House Cleaning when you request information about a service or register, we may need to know specific information about you. This enables us to process your registration and requests promptly and accurately. Please note that all information provided is confidential and will not, and has never been shared with other companies, individuals or entities. Your information will never be sold, bartered or traded.