The Essential Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Nobody has a better eye for detail than Airbnb guests. That’s why vacation rental tidiness is usually the leading cause of their complaints. Renters are generally unsatisfied with bathroom hygiene or notice some hard-to-spot stains that landlords would bet no one would possibly detect.

That’s why your property should be immaculate at all times. The best way to achieve this is to hire a reputable vacation rental cleaning service from San Francisco, CA. But, if you’re unsure what this service entails, we explain what to expect from professionals in the article below. Keep reading to learn more!

What does a vacation rental cleaner do?

All landlords strive to impress their guests with their rental properties’ condition. In addition to investing in furniture that meets high aesthetic standards, they also strive to keep their Airbnbs spotless. And this is where industry professionals jump in.

Keeping vacation rentals neat may seem similar to regular house tidying-up sessions, but it’s much more than that. Areas usually skipped during these daily home clean-ups are included in Airbnb maintenance sessions, which need to be carried out after each check-out.

This is because owners need to prepare their property for their next guests, who don’t want to notice any traces of previous occupants. To ensure a smooth check-in-check-out process, vacation rentals need to be scrubbed thoroughly and efficiently.

What does a vacation rental cleaner do

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

The list of chores to be covered can vary from company to company, but generally, it includes the following tasks:


Professionals will apply the the-top-to-bottom approach and address every corner of your kitchen to make it inviting for your guests. 

  1. They’ll wipe the tops and sides of your cabinets and fridge. 
  2. They’ll also sanitize your countertops, stovetop, and sink. 
  3. Next, they’ll deal with your microwave’s exterior and interior and scrub the dishwasher from the outside.
  4. They can also wash up to one load of dishes, excluding pots or pans.
  5. Finally, they’ll remove the trash, vacuum, and mop the floor.

Living room and bedroom

Applying the same principle of covering every corner of the room, the experts will strive to take your living area and bedroom’s beauty to the next level.

  1. They’ll dust reachable light fixtures, the exterior of cabinets and closets, and other surfaces. 
  2. They’ll also make your windows sparkle.
  3. Next, they can remove your trash, if required, and vacuum your floors and carpets.
  4. Finally, they’ll mop the floors using EPA-approved cleaning solutions.


Bathrooms belong to problematic and easily contaminated areas, and vacation rental cleaners are trained to deal with them dexterously.

  1. Experts will wipe the mirror and the exterior of the medicine cabinet.
  2. They’ll also make reachable shower walls glow and tend to your bathtub and shower.
  3. They’ll wipe and disinfect countertops, the sink, and the toilet.
  4. Finally, they’ll take the trash out and vacuum and mop the floor.

By no means is the above list exhaustive. If you’re interested in discovering any custom options, you should negotiate with industry professionals who will acknowledge your needs and tailor their services accordingly.

Who offers a reliable vacation rental cleaning service in San Francisco, CA?

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