How to Get Your Partner to Help with Housework

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with housework? Piles of dirty clothes you need to handle, toys scattered all around, dust lurking from every corner, etc. You simply don’t know where to start. Then you stop for a second and realize what’s happening. You’re tackling all the chores by yourself. Your partner either avoids their responsibilities or refuses to do them.

So, how can you motivate your partner to do their share of household chores? We’re glad you asked, because our professionals who offer maid services in San Jose, CA, are here to reveal 8 super-helpful tips and tricks on how to deal with this problem. Read on!

What to do when your partner doesn’t do chores?

If your partner doesn’t contribute to household tasks, you may run into difficulties. To resolve this issue without creating an unpleasant conflict, you should resort to open communication. You can take the following 8 steps:

  1. Converse with your partner respectfully and calmly. Getting angry, throwing tantrums, and shouting won’t put you in an advantageous position, as this can offend your partner. Also, avoid uttering any accusations, and try to talk about how housework makes you feel. You can state that you feel overburdened and you’re looking for a way out.
  2. Give your partner a chance to speak their mind. Maybe they’ve been preoccupied with tight deadlines or been prevented from taking their share for reasons you haven’t been aware of. Encourage your partner to communicate their thoughts freely.
  3. Set realistic and clear goals. Discuss what chores need to be completed and when. Decide who is responsible for certain tasks, and try not to expect too much from the start. Maybe your partner can devote only half an hour to scrubbing each day.
  4. Make sure to compromise and be flexible. Take your partner’s schedule into consideration and see when they have enough time to finish some tasks. Also, don’t be too rigid in your cleaning and disinfecting checklist. You’ll probably need to adjust it from time to time to make it suit your partner’s preferences and schedule.
  5. Lead by example. If you show enthusiasm and initiative in making your house spick and span, this may inspire your partner to give their best. This tactic works with kids too, as they tend to look up to their parents.
  6. Arm yourself with patience. Your partner will need time to get used to the new routine. That’s why you should always be tolerant if they sometimes fail to complete everything they should have. Show that you’re willing to give them enough time to adjust to their new responsibilities and be there if they need help.
  7. Revisit your home maintenance conversation from time to time. Talk about how these household chores make you feel. If you both find that you’re frustrated by them, try to find a fresh perspective. Emphasize how a tidy living space is essential for a healthy family life. Also, introduce any necessary changes to your routine to make it more suitable to your and your partner’s other obligations.
  8. Seek professional help. Sometimes, your determination isn’t enough. If you and your partner are too busy to deal with your living space, outsourcing these chores to reliable industry professionals is sometimes the best solution. It’ll save you from all the unnecessary stress and tension. 

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