12 Time-Tested Condo Cleaning Tips

It’s rather challenging to keep your condo spick and span with a hectic schedule of yours, isn’t it? And the mess around you really makes you feel uncomfortable. So you probably wonder what you can do about it. 

Well, you have two choices. Either hire San Jose, CA, maid services and let the pros do what they know best, or try to organize yourself better and find an efficient way to spruce up your space. If you choose the second option, here are 12 time-tested condo cleaning strategies you can use! Read on!

How do you keep a condo clean?

Having a neat condo requires time, effort, and exceptional organizational skills. Here are 12 tried-and-true condo cleaning hacks:

  1. Devise a workable cleaning schedule that doesn’t create any conflict with your other obligations. You’ll probably have to allocate different tasks to different days to stay on top of your assignment. Also, bear in mind that you need to do some chores daily. Some need to be carried out monthly, and some only seasonally.
  2. Have all supplies handy. You’ll need many microfiber cloths, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, dish soap, commercial products, or homemade alternatives (white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, etc.). Ensure you stock them up so that you always have them available.
  3. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Assess your belongings regularly to decide what you really need, can donate, sell, or throw away. Refrain from scattering your belongings all over the place. This habit diminishes your condo’s look and can make you feel stressed.
  4. Think of chores you need to do daily. These include wiping kitchen countertops and appliances after every single use, washing dishes, making your bed, returning items to their place, taking away trash, and vacuuming and mopping high-traffic areas.
  5. Once a week, find time to dust all the surfaces around your living space. Tend to your appliances especially if you’ve used them a lot throughout the week. Deal with your electronics, vacuum all carpets, mop the floors, scrub your bathroom (clean and disinfect the sink, toilet, shower, and floor), and change your bed sheets.
  6. Every month, deep clean your kitchen appliances, dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, make your windows streak-free, and inspect and address air filters in your heating/cooling system.
  7. Seasonal tasks may include dealing with air vents and washing curtains.
  8. You should also invest in additional storage units to keep your place well-organized. Extra shelves, bins, and cabinets may be useful.
  9. Check your fixtures and appliances to make sure they function properly.
  10. Don’t postpone dealing with spills, as you may forget to tackle them later and thus ruin your belongings. On top of that, you’ll probably need to invest more energy to get rid of them if they harden.
  11. Cherish good habits. For example, put away the item once you finish using it. Or set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier to have time to make your bed and find your clothes without turning your closet upside down.
  12. Don’t hesitate to resort to professional help if you can’t handle everything yourself and if your partner doesn’t have time to help you. Professionals are trained to tackle these chores efficiently, and they’ll make your condo spotless.

Pro tips:

If you want to take care of your condo yourself, always think of safety and check the labels of the store-bought products. Don’t mix chemicals and keep all cleaning supplies away from children and pets. You can also consider using eco-friendly agents as they don’t endanger the environment and don’t reduce indoor air quality.

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