How to Make Your Kids’ Rooms Shine

What would be one of the most demanding chores in your home maintenance routine? Is it making your kids’ bedroom spick and span? When you look at those scattered toys and books, you probably think it’ll take ages to arrange them properly, especially if your children are unwilling to help or your partner doesn’t have time to participate.

Well, you’re not alone. Professionals who offer apartment and house cleaning in San Jose, CA, are just around the corner, and they’re willing to share their comprehensive 10-step guide on how to make your children’s room spotless. Keep reading to learn more!

How do you clean a child’s bedroom?

To restore order in your kid’s bedroom smoothly, you’ll have to apply a systematic approach with carefully-thought-out steps. Check out the following 10-step guide to get some ideas:

  1. Prepare all the necessary supplies. These may include several microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a bucket, a squeegee, a few trash bags, a couple of boxes, and a laundry basket.
  2. Throw open the windows to let fresh air in, and keep yourself oxygenated during the cleaning process.
  3. Declutter the room. Examine all the strewn books, clothes, toys, and other items. Some may seem unnecessary, so place them in an empty box for donation or recycling. Toss dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and return clean clothing to the closet. Place the trash in trash bags. 
  4. Dust around, starting from the highest parts of the room. A damp microfiber cloth is ideal for this purpose. If you want to use a commercial product, ensure it’s EPA-approved. Also, don’t forget inconspicuous areas, such as the top of the closet and corners.
  5. Remove the bedding (pillowcases, sheets, blanket, etc.) and wash them in your washing machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Address the windows and mirrors. You can apply a store-bought glass cleaner or pour white vinegar in a spray bottle, spritz it onto the surface, and wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth or squeegee.
  7. Pay special attention to high-touch spots and disinfect them with a proper disinfectant.
  8. Vacuum and mop the floors. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are excellent at trapping airborne particles, such as mold, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, etc. A microfiber mop head is also a great cleaning tool, as microfiber is positively charged and attracts negatively charged impurities efficiently.
  9. Take your time to re-organize toys and other belongings. Shelves, drawers, and organizers are fabulous storage options. This is a perfect moment to include your children and teach them how essential it is to place everything back where it belongs.
  10. Put fresh bedding on the bed and take the trash away.
Where can I book a professional apartment and house cleaning in San Jose, CA

Final notes

It’s of vital importance to inspire your children to keep their rooms well-organized. A well-maintained room stimulates feelings of confidence and security and teaches your children to take responsibility for their personal space.

Also, you should allow your children to introduce their personal touches to their room. These can be posters, stickers, their artwork, and other decorations. Finally, if you have trouble motivating your children to take care of their room, you can always organize competitions with appealing awards to get them engaged.

Where can I book a professional apartment and house cleaning in San Jose, CA?

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