The Evolution of Cleaning Tools & Products

Throughout history, the development of civilizations, technological advancements, and our increasing awareness of the connection between hygiene and health have propelled the intricate evolution of cleaning tools and products. Today, the market abounds with various cleaners aimed for different purposes.

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But if you want to discover how it all began and how cleaning tools and products have changed, we’ve prepared a brief history of housekeeping products for you today. Read on!

What is the history of cleaning products?

Cleaning products have been around for a long time, reflecting the complex evolution of civilizations, science, and human perception of hygiene. Below is a short overview of cleaning agents’ history:

Ancient times

First civilizations, including Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, relied on naturally occurring substances to keep their homes clean. They combined animal fat, ash, clay, and mud to obtain their cleaning solutions.

Babylonians take credit for inventing the first version of soap by mixing animal fat and ash. They were also the first to use vinegar. Evidence indicates they used it in many ways: as a multi-purpose cleaning solution, a preservative, and as medicine.

Egyptians harvested natron from dry lake beds and blended it with oil to concoct primitive soap, which was applied to wounds, used for teeth cleansing, and degreasing surfaces around homes.

Middle ages 

The medieval period (from the 5th to the 15th century) saw a decrease in hygiene standards. These dark ages witnessed outbreaks of numerous diseases due to poor and unsanitary conditions in which most people lived. 

At that time, people still used a mixture of ash and animal fat to wash their clothes and houses. Furthermore, they relied heavily on perfumes and fragrances to neutralize obnoxious odors that spread throughout streets and used fire to sterilize their homes and get rid of contaminated items.


Renaissance is considered a period of rebirth in all aspects of human lives, including the concept of body and living space cleanliness. The discovery of the microscope was a vital milestone in people’s understanding of the importance of personal and home hygiene.

During this period, we also witnessed the growing popularity of soaps and perfumes as tidiness became fashionable.

Industrial Revolution

This period brought about an enormous change in people’s lives. Mass soap production commenced, making it one of the most thriving industries. Thus, soap wasn’t a luxury anymore. It became affordable and available to everyone.

As a result of advances in chemistry in the 18th and 19th centuries, synthetic cleaning solutions were produced. The first synthetic cleaning products included ammonia, borax, bleach, and washing soda.

20th century 

Scientific research continued, leading to the expansion of the cleaning industry. Bleach, various disinfectants, and specialized cleaning products gained popularity. Also, WWII played a significant role in the development of new solutions as efficient products were required for industrial and military purposes. 

Late 20th century and 21st century

Cleaning industry expansion continued in modern times. Today, the emphasis is not only on cleanliness but also on creating effective environmentally friendly solutions as an increasing number of people have become concerned about the toxic residue many cleaning agents leave behind.

As technology has advanced rapidly, cleaning tools have become more automated, including robotic vacuums, smart trash cans, steam cleaners, etc.

What is the history of cleaning products

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