Cleaning as a Workout: All You Need to Know

When someone mentions cleaning, the first thought that comes to your mind is usually “What an uninspiring and tedious chore”, and you just want to get over it as quickly as possible so you can go to the gym and have your long-awaited workout. But what can you do if you can’t complete everything fast because your house needs a thorough scrub?

You can always hire a San Francisco, CA, deep cleaning service and let the pros tackle your home. That would give you time to exercise to your heart’s content. But did you know that dusting, vacuuming, and mopping can also be a kind of exercise? Sounds unbelievable, but daunting chores can help you burn calories with a few tricks. Are you eager to learn more? Check out the following article!

Can cleaning be a form of exercise?

Surprisingly enough, doing chores can help you shed a certain amount of calories, boost your cardiovascular system, and increase your endurance. This is because housework includes a lot of walking, arm movement, going up and down the stairs, bending, and squatting. 

For example, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming target similar muscle groups, including your legs, abdomen, and arms. Wiping activates your arms and hands, and going upstairs and downstairs targets your glutes.

Naturally, the intensity of your movements influences the number of calories you burn. The more vigorous the move is, the more calories you’ll get rid of. Also, if you add additional movements to your cleaning routine, you can make it more workout-like. For instance, you can lounge while mopping or run up and down the stairs instead of walking.

Even though housekeeping can contribute to your body’s fitness, it’s not enough, as it can’t replace a well-rounded pilates and yoga practice or jogging outside. 

How do I turn my house cleaning into exercise?

So, cleaning can be a workout? That sounds awesome. But how can you turn mopping and sweeping into calorie-burning exercises? Here are 6 tips to give you some ideas:

  1. Do squats instead of bending when grabbing items from the floor. Squats are excellent for leg and glute strengthening.
  2. Incorporate lunges in your vacuuming sessions. For example, take lunging steps sideways or forward as you vacuum the floor. This way, you’ll work on your balance and tone up your leg muscles.
  3. Exaggerate arm movements as you wipe or scrub the surfaces. You can make large circular motions or increase the vigorousness of your scrubbing.
  4. Put on appropriate ankle weights to intensify your leg workout.
  5. Stretch your body by reaching high or bending down and touching your toes. You can incorporate these moves as you dust or grab something from the floor. Stretching is an essential part of every workout as it elongates your muscles and makes them more flexible. 
  6. Turn on some energetic music to get you into the mood and create a workout-like atmosphere. Music can help you get going and motivate you to invest more effort in every movement you make.

Where in San Francisco, CA, can I book a comprehensive deep cleaning service?

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