Keep Your Living Room Clean in 6 Simple Steps

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the living room is where everyone comes together and where most things happen. Naturally, that makes it prone to dirt, clutter, and mess. Many busy homeowners opt for professional living room cleaning. If you live in San Francisco, that might be the best way to make your space presentable, but you may still worry that it will be hard to keep it in that condition for long.  

Some people don’t mind the mess that can accumulate in this room, and others need to maintain it daily in order to relax in a neat and spotless space. If you belong to the latter group, read on to find out the best order in which you should clean your living room.

How do you keep your living room neat and clean?

If I want to hire living room cleaning, where in San Francisco can I find the most reputable company

A lot of people, whether they live alone or with a family, prefer to do smaller chores on a daily basis. It’s the most practical approach since it allows minimal effort and provides great results. Of course, devoting additional time and effort to more thorough upkeep is essential to ensure everything is fresh and hygienic. This needs to be done occasionally, but with focus. So, if you want to do it properly, you may wonder where to start. What might come in handy is a comprehensive and effective to-do list. 

What is the best living room cleaning checklist?

It’s easy to get sidetracked and distracted while approaching the clean-up of your living area. You might not know where to begin or what the best order is. Here are the steps that will make the process more efficient and organized.

  1. Remove the dishes, toys, books, and random clutter 

Starting off with decluttering will give you an open space to clean without stopping to move item by item. 

  1. Wipe down the surfaces with a proper solution and put everything back in its place to keep the space organized

You can use an all-purpose solution, or if any surfaces require special care, make sure to use the right product. Wipe everything down and wait till dry before you put back everything in its place.

  1. Disinfect the phones, remote controls, tablets, door knobs, and other frequently used items
How do you keep your living room neat and clean

A great number of bacteria can build up on small objects that you touch frequently – so make sure to disinfect those items and take extra care if there are any electronics.

  1. Wash the curtains and blankets from sofas and armchairs 

It’s not necessary that you wash your curtains often, however, if you want to really freshen up the space, hanging clean and slightly scented curtains will really make a difference. The same goes for the blankets, especially if you have pets that use them.

  1. Vacuum and mop

Lastly, make sure to thoroughly vacuum anything that has fallen on the floor while you were wiping and dusting. A lot of fine dust can get stuck in your carpets, so you want to get it all out. Finally, mop the floors with a proper solution.

  1. Replace any expired air fresheners or scented candles

Opinions on scented candles or air fresheners are conflicted – however, if you like to add that final touch and make your living room smell nice, make sure to replace them with new ones. 

If I want to hire living room cleaning, where in San Francisco can I find the most reputable company?

What is the best living room cleaning checklist

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