Efficient Bedroom Cleaning 101

We all know how tempting it is to just slip out of bed, get dressed quickly, close the door, and forget about the mess you left behind. Your bedroom is your shelter from the outside world. No one enters it but you, right? 

But some research has shown that clutter and dirt in your room can deprive you of a good night’s sleep and make you feel frustrated. So how can you keep your sanctuary tidy all the time? Bedroom cleaning experts from San Francisco provide some valuable tips and tricks for you today. Read on!

How do I keep my room clean every day?

Nothing can ruin your days like the sight of a cluttered room with clothes sprinkled on the floor and books scattered on the nightstands. 

You’ve probably cleared out the mess many times, but it somehow always finds its way back there, and you feel lost. Well, with these clever tricks, you’ll no longer have a hoarded room. Check them out.

Rely on the best bedroom cleaning superstars from San Francisco today.
  1. Decide what you’re going to wear to work the night before. This way, you won’t need to turn your closet upside down looking for a shirt the following day.
  2. Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier every morning, and you’ll have enough time to make your bed. A straightened-up bed improves your room’s overall look, making it look tidier.
  3. Don’t keep bills and other documents on your nightstand. Return everything to its place, and you’ll never lose anything important and have a neat environment.
  4. If you need extra storage space, under-the-bed containers are an excellent solution for items you don’t need daily.
  5. Avoid throwing dirty clothes on the floor. Some pieces may get under your bed and stay there. Instead, get a hamper, toss them there, or take them to the laundry room.
  6. Introduce a no-shoe policy. Shoes are magnets for grime, viruses, and bacteria and you really don’t need them in the room where you sleep. 
  7. Don’t let your clean laundry sit on the dresser or your bed. Put it away immediately. This requires some time, but it’ll pay off. Your belongings will be perfectly arranged.
  8. Don’t take food in your room. If you eat in your bed, you’ll probably pile up food containers around you. This habit isn’t only aesthetically unpleasing, but it also attracts insects.
  9. Throw trash away regularly. Overflowing garbage cans can spoil the atmosphere throughout your home.

What are the six steps to cleaning your bedroom?

If your bedroom is completely messy and disorganized, you may wonder if there’s any hope of making it spick and span. Fortunately, there’s a way to achieve it without wasting time: 

  1. Observe what jobs need to be done and get the supplies handy. You’ll probably need a bunch of microfiber cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a bucket, dish soap, baking soda, and a hamper. 
  2. Declutter first. Pick up dirty clothes and put them in a hamper. Clear the nightstand, return everything where it belongs, and throw away the trash.
  3. Start with the ceiling, fans, and light fixtures. Add a few drops of dish soap into warm water, grab a microfiber cloth, dampen it, wipe these surfaces and rinse them.
  4. Next, deal with closet tops, walls, picture frames, and nightstands. Just remember not to oversoak your microfiber cloths and rinse everything. 
  5. Make your bed or change your bedding if need be. If you want to freshen your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda over it. Let it sit and vacuum thoroughly.
  6. Finally, vacuum the floor and mop it. 

Rely on the best bedroom cleaning superstars from San Francisco today.

What are the six steps to cleaning your bedroom

Clutter and dust in your room can deteriorate air quality and endanger your health. So if you don’t have time and energy to deal with the mess in your room or don’t know how to make your kitchen sparkle, Adriana’s House Cleaning is there for you.

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