3 Reasons for Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving Out

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant – clean-up before the relocation is important for a few reasons. It’s not enough that you pack up your personal belongings and furniture, but leaving the space spotless is vital if you want to sell the property quickly or get your security deposit money back.

Luckily, San Francisco is home to a lot of companies that can carry out move-out cleaning on your behalf. Before you make that decision, you should know the exact reasons why you should clean your apartment before moving out.

Should I clean my apartment before moving out?

Should I clean my apartment before moving out?

Put yourself into the shoes of someone who is moving into a new place. You probably imagine going straight to unpacking your belongings and decorating. What you don’t want to do, is clean behind the previous owners. Now, before settling in, you’d have to do at least some light clean-up and research some expert tips and tricks to make it easier, but sprucing up your old place is equally important.  There are three good reasons to do this: 

It will help sell faster

If you plan on selling your apartment, which is usually the case, leaving it in poor condition will not help. Potential buyers won’t even give a second thought to a dirty and messy place. However, making sure everything is spotless, smells fresh, and looks almost as new – will attract buyers and make them feel like they’re buying a totally new apartment. 

It shows you are a responsible owner

Taking care of your home doesn’t end once you get your stuff out. Cleaning it and making sure it’s left in the best shape possible says something about your character. It shows that you are an owner who is responsible and didn’t just maintain your home when it served you. 

If you’re a tenant, it would definitely positively affect your reputation among landlords, or property managers. Finally, you’ll feel good once you finish up and turn around to see your place flawless and ready for the next occupant. 

It guarantees you’ll get your deposit back

All tenants and landlords know the importance and purpose of a security deposit. A clean apartment will not only appease your landlord but will get your deposit back. You’ll be able to make good use of this money by investing it in packing supplies or other relocation responsibilities. It’s not insignificant and it’s worth the effort. 

What happens if I don’t clean my apartment when I move out?

What happens if I don't clean my apartment when I move out?

Leaving your home messy and dirty will not only make you look irresponsible but will lower the chances of selling or renting it. You could also not get your deposit back since your landlord will have to hire professionals to spruce up the place. 

That said, don’t be that person, and make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned before you leave it. It will go a long way with the next owners. Whether you do this by yourself or hire a professional cleaning service, it will bring you many benefits and make you a responsible and meticulous tenant. Aside from that, it will attract prospective buyers, if you’re listing the property.

In the end, it is in fact your personal choice whether you clean it or not. Nevertheless, considering the many benefits it brings, if you’re unsure if comprehensive move-out cleaning is worth it, we highly recommend you do it.

Where in San Francisco can I hire reputable experts in move-out cleaning?

Hiring a professional cleaning service will guarantee your place will be spruced up and as good as new. If you live near Golden Gate Bridge, or elsewhere in San Francisco, with Adriana’s House Cleaning, your home will be in good hands and ready for the next owner in no time. You’ll also not have to worry about getting your deposit back. 

With our experienced team that provides thorough assistance, our aim is to meet your needs which results in a high-quality service. We’ll be happy to make a personalized plan for your relocation upkeep process, so feel free to call us today and learn more!