A Quick Guide to Move In Cleaning

If you’re like most people, you know that relocations normally entail more than just finding a new place, packing your belongings, and settling in. The key thing to a fresh start is that your new residence is clean from the very beginning. This is one of the many reasons why move in cleanup is of vital importance.

Although it’s not inconceivable that you manage it yourself, you’ll most likely lack the time and energy, being swamped by other relocation responsibilities. This is why reaching a reliable move in cleaning service  to prepare your new home in San Francisco is a good idea. If you’re wondering about the specific tasks

What does a move in cleaning include?

What does a move in cleaning include?

Tidying up your home before you unpack your things involves more than just light vacuuming and tidying. It includes a number of phases and requires previous planning. 

Get the lay of the land

The first phase of the process is to become familiar with your new home. Make a walkthrough inspection and take notes of the house layout. Make sure to scan all corners and see if there are any signs of leaks, stains, mold, dust buildup, or signs of damage. Carefully inspect tapestry and walls, checking for contaminants under furniture, kitchen appliances, in cupboards, and on the shelves.

Make a maintenance plan

Once you have full insight into your new residence, it’s necessary that you create a comprehensive cleaning plan.  Always take the layout of your house into consideration and make sure that you’re aware of the most critical areas. Your plan should include: 

  1. Pick the area where you’ll start – typically this would involve less approachable nooks and crannies towards more accessible areas
  2. Gather appropriate Equipment– prioritize protective gear, such as latex gloves and dust masks, and goggles, if you need to apply harsh chemicals to tackle mold, bacteria, and other pathogens
  3. Purchase appropriate products – depending on the condition of your new residence, you’ll need a variety of products to properly tackle dirt, dust, and microorganisms lurking around.
  4. Clear timetable – this would be essential, as you want to coordinate your upkeep, unpacking, loading/unloading and other efforts that are part of your move; if you’re hiring professionals to help you with any of these tasks, a tight schedule and clear calendar are a must.

Start scrubbing

Once you have a clear to-do list and maintenance schedule, it’s time to pull up the sleeves and start sprucing up the new place. Here are the steps that you should take if you want to carry it out in a professional manner: 

  1. General maintenance

This involves tackling all areas that are prone to heavy foot traffic and contamination, such as hard floors and carpets in all main areas. You’d also have to dust the baseboards, crown moldings, insides, and outsides of drawers and cabinets. Don’t forget to wipe down doors from all sides, including frames, tops, and handles. 

This part also involves tackling window panes and sills, blinds, and light fixtures. As final touches of this general clean-up, you’d need to remove cobwebs and throw away the trash. You can finish by mopping the floors once again. 

  1. Proceed to the kitchen

You’d need to vacuum and mop the floors here as well. However, your emphasis should be on the sink, countertops, main appliances (ovens, stovetops, fridge, microwave), and cabinets. Of course, if you really want to be certain that your new kitchen is clean, inspect and disinfect the dishwasher. Make sure to clean behind cabinets and appliances if possible. 

  1. Disinfect the bathroom

If you want everything to feel brand new without any major remodeling work, devote some extra time to thoroughly removing limescale, disinfection of your sink, toilet, and bathtub, and wipe down mirrors and glass shower screens with a vinegar-based solution. 

Use gentle products to clean the grout and make sure to dust the vents and light fixtures. When you apply bleach, ventilate the bathroom generously for at least an hour before using the bathroom.

Continue with other relocation tasks

Now that your walls, floors, and surfaces are free of dust and pathogens, you can proceed. Bring in your furniture, appliances, boxes, and start unpacking without further worries. Just in case, you can vacuum your belongings once again to remove any dust particles left from transportation. 

How long does a move in clean take?

How long does a move in clean take?

Getting your new place ready for you to settle in can be quite challenging and time-consuming, not unlike cleaning your old residence before you leave. How long it will take depends on a number of factors:

  • The layout and square footage of your home
  • The condition of your new residence, principally the last time it was properly maintained, as well as age of the construction, appliances, HVAC system, etc.
  • Number of items you’ll be bringing in vs. the number of household items you find
  • Your level of skill with relocation cleaning tasks, and experience with variety of products and equipment, 
  • How well you’ve planned out your relocation as a whole

Make sure to contact your local professionals if you feel overwhelmed or if you see that it’s just taking too long. 

Where can I find a professional move in cleaning services in San Francisco?

Whether the new home you’re moving into is near Coit Tower, or anywhere else in San Francisco, and you would like to get help you clean your new residence, then make sure to contact us! 

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