A Brief History of Home Cleaning

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors dealt with the dirt in their homes? To say that house and apartment cleaning has come a long way since ancient times – or even since the first settlers arrived in today’s San Francisco, CA –  would be a massive understatement! 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how our ancestors handled their housekeeping tasks and discuss how the first cleaning products came to be. Read on to learn more!

How did people clean their houses in the olden days?

How would you clean your home if you had no commercial products and no professionals to rely upon? You’d probably resort to Mother Nature and try to find the solution there. This is exactly what our ancestors did: water was their main cleaning agent.

Later on, they started experimenting with other substances. For instance, early Egyptians used natron, a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate decahydrate found in dry lake beds in ancient Egypt. They combined this with water or oil and created a powerful degreaser.

In contrast, ancient Greeks preferred sand, ashes, and clay and combined these with oils, while Romans used fat-based concoctions. These civilizations are also said to have used vinegar and salt for disinfecting.

However, the history of cleaning wouldn’t be the same without ancient Babylonians who take the credit for creating the first soap. Archeological research has shown that they started using soap-like products around 2800 BC. Namely, Babylonians heated wood ash and oil to obtain the first-ever made soap.

In the absence of vacuum cleaners, our predecessors used brooms made of twigs and leaves. And since they had no sponges and microfiber cloths that are easily available today, ancient Greeks and Romans resorted to sea creatures and wool.

Who made the first cleaning product?

The history of cleaning agents dates back thousands of years, and various civilizations have contributed to the development of cleaning agents. That’s why it’s difficult to pinpoint the particular individual or culture that invented the first cleaning product.

The first humans relied on water as they soon discovered its dirt-removal power. They also used ashes, sand, and plant fibers to clean and refresh their early dwellings.

But if we want to determine who purposefully combined different ingredients to get a cleaning product, then Babylonians deserve our full recognition. Archeologists found their ancient cylinders containing soap-like material. The research showed that they mixed and heated fats and ashes to produce soap used to clean homes and for personal hygiene.

The ancient Egyptians made soap-like products from vegetable and animal oils, according to a 1500 BC medical record. Soap was used for more than just bathing and washing. Skin diseases were also treated with it. Greeks and Romans had their versions of soap. They mixed ash, sand, and clay with oil.

Who made the first cleaning product

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