Cleaning With Pets: 9 Time-Tested Tips

Do you have trouble keeping your home spick and span with your furry friends around? Their hair seems to get everywhere, and you sometimes think only a magic wand could help you get rid of it.

Having your home in San Francisco, CA, cleaned by professional maid services is an easy and quick solution to this problem. But what if you need to have your place cleaned ASAP and don’t have the time to call in the pros? Or if you just want to learn how to do it on your own?

If so, you can’t go wrong by reading to the end of this article! We’ve prepared 9 time-tested cleaning tips that most pet owners will benefit from. Keep reading to learn what they are.

How do you keep your house clean when you have pets?

When you have pets, cleaning your house can be more tedious, but you can definitely manage it with some hard work and a regular routine. Check out the following 9 tips:

  1. If you have a furry pet, regular grooming is vital in limiting the circulation of their dead hair around your place. Also, make sure to take care of your pet’s hygiene as recommended by your vet.
  2. Frequently wash your pet’s cage/pillow/tank (or any other sort of bedding) to reduce odors and grime build-up. Don’t forget about their toys, bowls, and other accessories they use on a daily basis. Wash them with soapy warm water and disinfect them. This habit will minimize allergen and dirt accumulation significantly. Make sure to use pet-safe products to protect your little friends.
  3. If you have a cat, address the litter box appropriately. Make sure to scoop the litter box every day and replace the litter regularly.
  4. Dirt and pet hair can accumulate relatively quickly in a closed space. That’s why you should sweep and vacuum your home regularly. Invest in a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner that is super-efficient at trapping irritating allergens (mold, pet dander, mold, etc.).
  5. Make sure to deal with spills or other accidents immediately. If you leave them for later, they’ll be much trickier to tackle. In other words, if you see any droppings or urine traces, act quickly.
  6. Buy some high-quality lint rollers and tape to get rid of pet hair from your clothes or furniture as you go.
  7. When buying new furniture or upholstery, always choose fabrics that are easy to tend to and impervious to pet stains.
  8. A good idea is to place area mats and rugs in the spots where your pets like to spend most of their time. This can protect the floors from stains and accidental scratches. Having carpets isn’t wise as they’re more time-consuming to wash.
  9. Deep clean your home regularly. In addition to tending to your indoor plants and scrubbing your walls, this routine should include a lot of laborious chores, such as deep cleaning your upholstery, curtains, and carpets. If you feel too overwhelmed, you can always hire professionals to complete all the tasks for you.

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