4 Efficient Deep Cleaning Tips

If you live in a modern, corporate world, you might struggle to find time for relaxation and the things you find joy in. Aside from your work, traffic, and other everyday activities, housework takes up a great amount of time. Unless you’re a San Francisco resident and can choose to hire a deep cleaning company. 

However, if you do all of the chores and try keeping up by yourself, you might want to use every trick in the book in order to cut time and deep clean efficiently

How do you deep clean efficiently?

How do you deep clean efficiently

Let’s get one thing clear – you can’t really deep clean your home in 10 minutes. It’s inevitable that you put time and effort into it if you want your living space to be neat and tidy. It may feel like a tiresome job and you don’t want to spend all of your free time on it. Let’s dive into some of the ways in which you can make the process more practical and efficient. 

  1. Create a system that works for you

It’s all about the routine. Decide on the parts of your home that need the most attention, start from there, and then proceed to the rest. For instance, if your bathroom and kitchen need to be cleaned thoroughly, do that first before you move on to the bedrooms, living room, and balcony. 

In time, you will start automatically doing one thing after another, therefore developing a habit. The more often you do it in the exact same order, the less time it will take, making you well prepared to keep your home in pristine condition.

  1. Find a place for your cleaning supplies and keep ’em at the ready

One thing we always tend to forget is that your bucket, mop, brushes, sponges, and other tools also need to be washed and stored properly. Simply spending a few minutes and sorting out the supplies will get them ready for the next use. So, the next time you decide to clean, just pull up a basket or a drawer with your tools and solutions and start wiping and sweeping. 

  1. Do more things than just one

Multitasking can be a life-saver. It doesn’t mean that you get all over the place and randomly jump from one thing to another. Simply try to be practical and soak up the surfaces or plumbing in a solution that needs a bit more time to work. Meanwhile, do the laundry or tidy up the bedroom. You’ll be surprised how much work you can get done instead of just waiting for the products to work their magic.

  1. Clean small sections but often 

A deep clean might sound like comprehensive work that doesn’t have to be done very often. Tackling smaller portions of your home daily can save time when it comes to D-day and it doesn’t have to be all that dramatic. Tidying up books, clothes, and toys, wiping the surfaces, washing the dishes, and taking out trash daily can go a long way. 

Where in San Francisco can I find the best deep cleaning company?

If you’re not sure where to start, or what is the best way to clean every room in your home, we’re here for you. Whether you live near the California Academy of Sciences or anywhere else in the San Francisco area, Adriana’s House Cleaning is at your beck and call. Our skilled team of professionals will make it their goal to leave your house squeaky clean and spotless. 

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