4 Tips to Get You Ready for Deep Cleaning

Unlike everyday maintenance and daily chores, from time to time your home needs a more comprehensive approach. Over time, you’ll notice a buildup of persistent stains, dust, and dirt in various nooks and crannies around your home. Refreshing and sanitizing all nooks and crannies of your home requires some additional elbow grease. 

If you live in San Francisco or the vicinity, you can entrust this to a specialized deep cleaning service. Whether you’re going to carry it out DIY or hire professionals, you’d need to take the necessary steps to prepare for the process. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks, and save yourself and your maintenance team some time and energy. 

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

It might sound excessive to clean up your place before you commence with a seasonal deep clean. Nevertheless, since it’s such a complex process, some prepwork has to be done in order to ensure quality results. 

How often should a house be deep cleaned


First off, remove all clothes, trinkets, and other personal belongings that might block free access to surfaces. Put away clothes in the cupboards. Put back scattered books on the bookshelf. Sort your accessories and put away toys and stationary, if you have kids. So, look around your home and see if any miscellaneous objects are making a mess – decide if you should throw them out or organize and put them in place. 

Clear away dirty laundry

Piles of dirty laundry can disrupt you if you wish to properly clean your bathroom, pantry, or basement. Keep in mind that it’s a separate chore, and not a part of your deep clean. However, it should go without saying that, whether you intend to clean yourself or hire professional cleaners, doing your laundry first is essential. Spare yourself the distraction and complete your daily or weekly laundry load.

Throw away any food leftovers and wash dirty dishes

Take care to remove all traces of leftover food from open surfaces and the sink. The same applies to dirty plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, and pans. As you probably do the dishes daily or after every meal, you shouldn’t leave them unwashed before you start with your deep clean. Wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. If you want your cabinets and counters to be properly tackled from all sides, wrap your plates and mugs and put them in a place where they won’t get in the way. 

Have a plan for kids and pets

When you decide to spruce up your home comprehensively, it might feel like a small renovation project. It breaks your normal daily routine and usually turns everything upside down. So it could be a good idea to take your pets and kids away for the time being. Besides disrupting their everyday functioning, exposing them to harsh chemicals and specialized equipment may be potentially dangerous. 

These are just some of the steps that will prepare you for a more efficient deep cleaning process and save you some time. It can be time-consuming, but not that hard, if you plan ahead and know how often you actually have to deep clean your home.

Where in San Francisco can I find the best and most reliable deep cleaning service?

What is the fastest way to deep clean a house

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