8 Common Move Out Cleaning Mistakes

The whole move out process can introduce excitement into your life as it means starting a new life stage, but it can be rather tedious too. You should cover every inch of your old home to avoid conflict or embarrassing situations with the landlord. It’s challenging as well, as it requires exceptional organizational skills. You should cover many tasks: from decluttering the entire space to disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Hiring San Francisco-based professionals who specialize in move out and move in cleaning is probably the safest solution, as these individuals have enormous experience in the field. However, if you want to put your hands to work, here are 8 common mistakes people make while performing move out cleaning and how to avoid them. Read on!

What should I not do when performing move out cleaning?

What should I not do when performing move out cleaning

If you don’t want to face any legal action against you because you’ve breached the rental agreement and failed to make your old home spotless before moving out, you must scrub the unit thoroughly.

For a successful and efficient move out cleaning, you should avoid the following 8 mistakes. Check them out:

  1. Don’t forget to check your landlord’s requirements. Check your landlord’s or rental agreement’s move out cleaning requirements first. If you fail to stick to these guidelines, you may lose your security deposit or be involved in a dispute.
  2. Don’t clean the place randomly. Instead, make a detailed plan/checklist outlining all the chores you should complete. This will help you cover all the tasks systematically and efficiently, and you won’t overlook any spots.
  3. Avoid procrastinating. Postponing until the last moment isn’t a clever idea. There is more to move out cleaning than meets the eye. Plan carefully and give yourself more time to finish everything without stressing out.
  4. Don’t buy harsh cleaning agents. They can endanger your health and damage delicate surfaces. Always read the labels on the packaging and ensure to be familiar with the ingredients. To be on the safe side, either choose EPA-approved products or grab some baking soda and white vinegar. 
  5. Don’t ignore safety precautionary measures. If you really need to use bleach, don’t forget to wear adequate personal protective equipment, including gloves, goggles, and a face mask, and keep the area ventilated. Otherwise, you might get dizzy and have a headache because of its aggressive fumes. Finally, handle all cleaning agents according to the instructions on their labels and dispose of them properly.
  6. Don’t skip inconspicuous areas. Keep an eye out for often-overlooked spots such as under and behind appliances and furniture, inside cabinets, tops of shelves or cabinets, light switches, towel racks, ceiling light fixtures, etc. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate there.
  7. Don’t neglect deep cleaning chores. Before you move out, you’ll need to detail-clean all the kitchen appliances, furniture, carpets, etc. Thus, you’ll restore their initial shine, and your landlord won’t have any reasons to keep your security deposit. 
  8. Don’t rush through your cleaning process. Cleaning and disinfecting are time-consuming tasks and require time and patience. Cleaning solutions and disinfectants need time to combat dirt and germs, so you should let them sit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Where in San Francisco can I book a reliable move out & move in cleaning

Where in San Francisco can I book a reliable move out & move in cleaning?

Having a smooth move out procedure is every tenant’s dream. If you want to avoid any hiccups, it’s always advisable to rely on professionals. Adriana’ House Cleaning boasts experienced cleaners that will exceed your expectations.Visit San Francisco Botanical Garden, and leave the tiresome move out cleaning to experts who can complete all the tasks skillfully. Your rental unit will be spotless, and your landlord will be satisfied. Book now!