7 Tips for Efficient Move-Out Cleaning

If you’re moving out soon, a detailed scrub of your old place is probably at the back of your mind as you focus on making your new home shine. However, you shouldn’t neglect your previous rental, especially if you wish to get your security deposit back.

So, what can you do? Well, you have two options: either book a detailed move-out cleaning in San Francisco or roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. If you’re unsure how to do it, check the article below as we share the top 7 super-efficient move-out cleaning tips. Read on!

How should you leave your house when you move out?

Since a move-out clean is comprehensive and demanding, it’s always advisable to let the professionals carry it out for you. However, if you want to face the challenge yourself, here are seven valuable tips to keep you at the top of your assignment:

1. Make a detailed plan.

Before you get down to business, take your time to list all the chores you need to do. You’ll probably need to go around the place and scrutinize every corner to ensure you don’t overlook any areas. The plan will also help you stay organized, as you’ll be able to determine the order in which you should complete tasks.

2. Prepare all the necessary supplies.

Once you know what you need to do, you’ll have a clear picture of the necessary supplies. You’ll probably need a lot of microfiber cloths, efficient cleaning products (preferably eco-friendly ones), a bucket, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, trash bags, and brushes. 

Keep everything handy. This will save you time and prevent any interruptions when you start cleaning.

3. Apply the top-to-bottom cleaning approach.

It’s crucial to start cleaning from the top corners of a room and slowly move toward the floor. This approach will limit dirt and dust circulation and prevent the contamination of already addressed areas.

For instance, deal with your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tops of the shelves/closets before tackling any countertops, sofas, and tables. Floors should always come last. 

4. Pay attention to high-traffic spots.

Devote extra time to high-foot areas, as they’re prone to grime and microbe development. These usually include entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. They’re usually the toughest to clean and require extra time and effort. That’s why you should allocate more time to clean and disinfect them thoroughly.

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5. Use tried-and-true cleaning supplies. 

Make sure your arsenal consists of efficient agents and tools. Microfiber cloths are positively charged, which makes them excellent at trapping negatively charged dirt particles. They’re less prone to pathogen accumulation than sponges as they dry faster. They leave no lint behind as cotton rags. Finally, they’re super-absorbent and can absorb seven times their weight in water.

Also, avoid harsh chemicals that can leave dangerous residue or cause dizziness or headaches when inhaled. Old school cleaners like baking soda and white vinegar are fabulous at removing dirt.

6. Enlist help from your family and friends.

Since there are many jobs to cover, delegate them to your family or friends. You can divide into teams and assign different tasks to them, allowing simultaneous work and faster finalization. 

7. Don’t forget to address easily overlooked areas and stains.

Try to cover every nook and cranny of the space. Don’t neglect switches, areas under and behind the furniture, baseboards, and windowsills. Your landlord will pay attention to every inch of the property, so they’ll definitely notice any traces of dirt people usually fail to see. That being said, deal with all stains, even though they’re in inconspicuous areas. 

Where can I book dependable move-out cleaning in San Francisco?

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