Post-Construction Cleaning 101

Construction works have been finalized, and you’re only one step away from enjoying the new fresh look of your household. You just need to clear some dust and debris, and your  San Francisco, CA, home will look absolutely gorgeous.

However, that’s easier said than done. Post construction cleaning is a far cry from the regular deep clean. You would need to apply specially designed tools and techniques to remove hazardous dust and debris. Luckily, there are professionals who can tackle this after-renovation challenge for you. In order to be completely aware of the scope of the service, continue reading!

What is a post construction cleaning service?

This service is precisely what its name implies. It includes a series of steps aimed at making your living space sparkle after any remodeling works. 

Construction works usually generate a lot of dust and leave all sorts of debris behind. That’s why this task is more time-consuming than any regular tidy-ups. It’s envisioned to cover all inconspicuous areas and remove all traces of construction works in your household. 

For instance, there might be some liquid droplets to deal with, including solvents and adhesives or even glass shreds and caulking.  Also, drywall dust is detrimental to people’s health as these tiny particles tend to float in the air and stick to all surfaces, lowering your home’s air quality

That’s why this service should be carried out by qualified experts who can use specialized products, tools, and methods to liberate your home from any potential hazards adequately. These professionals are trained to handle all tasks with utmost precision and care and will thoroughly remove drywall dust and other debris, paying attention to safety. 

What is included in post renovation cleaning

What is included in post renovation cleaning?

As we said before, the scope of the clean-up depends on the amount of construction work done. 

  1. It entails addressing all areas exposed to harmful drywall dust, and a team of experienced janitors usually conducts it. It typically involves a lot of time-consuming tasks. 
  2. The experts will start from the highest areas, wipe all walls in your house, and dust accessible air vents.
  3. Also, professionals will tend to all tops of the shelves and cabinets, your kitchen appliances, all dust-ridden switches, doorknobs, and handrails. They’ll remove any excess debris from your sinks, bathtubs, and showers and make your mirrors and faucets shine.
  4. Special attention is paid to all areas where dirt can get stuck, such as the inside of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelves, drawers, and baseboards. If you have carpets, experts will deal vacuum them thoroughly. But if you request, they can deep clean them using the following procedures: hot-water extraction, encapsulation, and bonnet. 
  5. If needed, experts will tend to your windows too. They’ll wash the sill, frame, window tracks, and glass and use tried-and-true techniques to remove any stickers. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, this is a wall-to-wall service, and the list of tasks carried out usually depends on your personal needs. For this reason, you need to specify what areas need to be covered and highlight if you have any particular demands to get the desired results.

What is a post construction cleaning service

Where in San Francisco, CA, can I book reliable post construction cleaning?

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