The Dangers of Construction Dust

After you finish renovating your household, you’re left with piles of construction dust and debris everywhere. You probably feel discomfort surrounded by these particles as they make you sneeze, cough, and wheeze.

But how hazardous is renovation dust actually? Experts in post construction cleaning from San Francisco, CA, explain what dangers it can cause and how to protect yourself against it. Keep reading to learn more!

Is construction dust hazardous?

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), construction dust isn’t typical household dust. Its components include plaster, sawdust, fiberglass, silica, mold spores, and many other hazardous particles. In addition to being toxic, many of these particles are tiny enough to infiltrate deep into your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, leading to potentially severe health issues.

As a result, renovation dust in a home doesn’t only cause dirt and unsightliness. It contributes to poor air quality and health risks. Anyone exposed to construction dust for an extended time risks contracting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, asthma, and silicosis.

Some lung diseases, such as advanced silicosis, develop quite quickly, but most need more time to manifest. The lungs and airways are damaged during this period because small amounts of dust are regularly breathed in and accumulate in your respiratory system. In most cases, the damage is already done by the time you notice it, making treatment more complicated.

Additionally, if not properly removed, construction dust can damage furniture and appliances, causing costly and time-consuming repairs. That’s why you should always leave this type of clean-up to professionals. They’re equipped with the necessary know-how and adequate protective gear.

How can you protect yourself from construction dust?

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When remodeling a home, it’s essential to prevent drywall dust, dirt, sanding dust, and other airborne particles from spreading. A few simple steps can minimize the circulation of these harmful substances:

  1. Control dust spread during the works. You can achieve this by containing the work area. Zippers systems and plastic barriers are ideal options.
  2. Dampen the dust as soon as it’s made. This will limit its circulation and protect your lungs.
  3. During your renovation project, vacuum as often as possible using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. 
  4. Protect air ducts against dust. Simply cover all air vents in the redecoration area, and you’ll stop dust and dirt from spreading through your home via your HVAC system.
  5. Cover your furniture and remove any rugs and carpets from the area under reconstruction. Plastic sheets are perfect for this purpose. You can put them over any pieces of furniture and thus prevent dangerous particles from sticking to your upholstery and other delicate surfaces around your home. 
  6. Wipe surfaces after each phase of your remodeling project. This may seem time-consuming, but it’ll prevent a heavy build-up of dust and debris, making it much easier to make your house sparkle after all construction works are done. 
  7. Make sure to wear adequate PPE and to allow proper air circulation. This way, you won’t expose your body to unhealthy particles. 

Even though you take these preventive measures, some dust will be generated and remain in your household. You’ll need to take a few carefully planned steps to get rid of it entirely, or you can hire professionals to do the job for you. They’re highly qualified for the task at hand and have the proper tools and protective equipment to carry out this demanding task safely.

How can you protect yourself from construction dust

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