What Should Be Cleaned First in a Home?

How do you approach housekeeping? Do you have any particular order in which you handle tasks, or does it all depend on your mood? Believe it or not, the order in which you complete your household chores can have a huge effect on how much time and effort the whole process takes!

If you’re unsure what this means, just remember all those instances when you had to re-address some surfaces because you wiped them randomly. To avoid being in this situation again, check the article below. Professionals in Berkeley, CA, who offer house and apartment cleaning services share 3 tips to help you determine the proper order in which you should tend to your house. Read on!

In what order should I clean my house?

Have you ever spent time scrubbing around your living space only to feel like you didn’t accomplish much? What about postponing cleaning as you didn’t know where to start? With the following housekeeping hacks, you’ll never be weighed down with the sense of futility as the proper order in which you tackle chores can make the entire process much easier.

In what order should I clean my house

Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Declutter first.

Scattered toys, books, and clothes can really impair your efficiency as they disable direct access to areas you need to deal with. You probably won’t be able to wipe clutter-invaded surfaces as thoroughly as clear ones.

And not to mention the tripping and slipping hazards if you accidentally step on something lying on the floor. For the above reason, remove all the distractions before grabbing a microfiber cloth and wiping.

2. Dust and wipe surfaces top-to-bottom.

The top-to-bottom approach gives optimal results, enabling you to remove dirt systematically without the risk of re-contaminating already cleaned surfaces.

This strategy simply means starting from the highest corners of every room (high wall corners, ceiling light fixtures, tops of the closet and fridge, etc.) and gradually moving toward the floor, which should be vacuumed and mopped last.

3. Do the tasks that require your cleaner to soak in first.

If you need to deal with hardened stains or tough dirt, as you usually do in your kitchen and bathroom, apply cleaning agents to these surfaces first to give them time to cut through these impurities.

For example, pour baking soda and white vinegar into your toilet first. While these substances react and work on eliminating grime, you can wipe the mirror and deal with the sink or medicine cabinet. Or if you need to wash the dishes and degrease the oven in your kitchen, run the dishwasher and apply your preferred cleaner to your oven before tackling anything else.

Where in Berkeley, CA, can I find a trustworthy house and apartment cleaning services

These multitasking habits will significantly reduce the time you need to devote to your household maintenance.

Pro tips:

  • Instead of dealing with many rooms simultaneously, handle one room at a time. This will enable you to keep track of chores you’ve completed, and you won’t exhaust yourself going from one room to the other.
  • Also, make sure to use appropriate products and tools and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. Use natural, non-toxic alternatives to protect your family’s well-being whenever possible. Finally, divide the chores into smaller tasks and allocate them throughout the week. This will help you feel less overburdened with housework.
  • If you hire professionals to remove grime from your home, you’ll still have to do some chores between appointments, as dirt can accumulate fast in a busy household.

Where in Berkeley, CA, can I find a trustworthy house and apartment cleaning services?

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