Professional Apartment Cleaning Services 101

Do you feel under the weather whenever you need to spruce up your home in Berkeley, CA? Do you postpone it and then feel frustrated when you return to a messy apartment after a long day at work? If the answer is yes, then it’s high time you hired maid services and let the pros handle all the chores for you.

However, if you’re unsure what a professional apartment cleaning service includes, check the article below as we explain what you can expect from cleaning experts. Read on!

What does a professional apartment cleaning service include?

Apartment cleaning services may vary depending on the company, but in most cases, they include the following:

1. Kitchen cleaning

As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves special attention since it’s where you prepare meals for your family. Professionals will handle the surfaces cautiously, paying attention to every nook and cranny to ensure your kitchen is thoroughly degreased and sanitized.

They’ll wipe the tops and sides of your cabinets and fridge, make your counters shine, scrub your sink and stove top, clean the interior and exterior of your microwave, mop the floors, take out the trash, and much more.

2. General living room and bedroom cleaning

After a hectic day, you really deserve to unwind, either by watching your favorite show in a tidy living room or reading a novel in your spotless bedroom. The state of these two rooms can influence your mindset and mood significantly. That’s why industry professionals tackle them carefully, too, making no compromise with hygiene. 

They’ll take out any trash first. Next, they’ll eliminate cobwebs. Then, they’ll dust all the surfaces, striving to eliminate as many allergens as possible. If requested, they can vacuum the couch or make your bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. Finally, they’ll vacuum and mop the floors.

3. Bathroom sanitizing

Your bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in your house, so it has to be as sanitary as possible at all times. In addition to dusting and cobweb removal, professionals will thoroughly clean your mirror, the exterior of your medicine cabinet, sink, countertops, and surrounding areas. A team of experts will also wipe reachable shower walls, both the interior and exterior of your shower and toilet.

They’ll pay special attention to high-touch areas, such as handles, toilet flush handles, faucets, and switches. They’ll eliminate any traces of dirt and disinfect everything thoroughly. Finally, they’ll vacuum and mop the floor.

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Final notes:

In the above description, we’ve just outlined what a typical general cleaning service includes. However, most referral agencies and companies offer their clients the possibility to customize services and negotiate a cleaning schedule that won’t allow any living space to become too messy between appointments.

These service providers constantly strive to tailor their options to match their customers’ needs. So feel free to make any inquiries before hiring them.

Where in Berkeley, CA, can I find trustworthy maid services for my apartment?

Keeping your apartment hygienic can really be time-consuming. You’re probably too tired to think of the proper order in which you should complete all the tasks, so you’d instead give up. Well, your living space’s hygiene is essential for your well-being and state of mind, so don’t hesitate to call for help. Adriana’s House Cleaning is just around the corner! We cooperate with the most experienced cleaning enthusiasts in Berkeley and the vicinity. They employ maintenance methods and approaches that comply with the highest standards in the industry. They’ll give you a healthy living space and more free time to enjoy yourself in Live Oak Park. Call today!