Frequency of Office Cleaning

Maintaining spick and span premises is essential for your business. It creates a thriving environment for your team, increases profitability, and impresses your clients. As a business owner, you want to maximize all the advantages of a neat workplace, but you’re unsure about something: how often should you have your premises tidied up?

We asked San Francisco-based professionals in commercial cleaning this question, and they said the answer depends on a few factors. Read the article below to discover what these factors are!

How often do I need to schedule office cleaning?

When you should have your office sanitized depends on three factors: the size of your premises, the type of your business, and the required maintenance task.

Workplace size

The frequency of your office maintenance directly depends on its size. If you own a small company with just a few employees without many customers entering your door, a single weekly cleaning is usually enough.

This will be enough for industry professionals to keep their premises healthy and presentable without having to worry about surprise visitors. But, if you manage a large company with high foot traffic and many clients frequenting on a daily basis, you’ll probably need to hire cleaning experts to tend to your space daily.

Sometimes, professionals might need to address the same surfaces a few times a day, depending on the number of people circulating and the mess they leave behind.

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Type of business

What kind of business you’re operating dictates how frequently you need janitorial experts around your space too. For example, shopping malls, hospitals, and restaurants host thousands of people daily and need to be sanitized several times a day.

On the other hand, car dealerships, real estate agencies, and advertising agencies may need weekly, semi-weekly, or daily cleaning, depending on the size and number of people.

Type of maintenance task

If your business requires daily maintenance sessions, this doesn’t mean that janitors need to complete all possible chores every time they come. Some tasks like bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, vacuuming, and dusting the surfaces are done every day. 

But tasks like shampooing your carpets or washing your windows can be carried out less frequently. The frequency again depends on the size of your workplace and the type of your furniture. For example, if you run a huge business and your carpets are delicate and light-colored, professionals need to deep-clean them more frequently than thick dark ones. 

Final word

It’s hard to figure out how often you should hire professionals for your premises because you need to take into account many factors. In order to be on the safe side, you can discuss this matter with specialists, who can assess how often your business premises require their services.

They understand the importance of well-kept office space, and they can suggest an upkeep schedule that matches the type of your business and your needs.

Where in San Francisco can I find dependable commercial cleaning for my business?

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