3 Tips for a Germ-Free Office

Due to the constant circulation of people, offices can quickly become one of the most germ-ridden places. Your duty as an employer is to do everything in your power to eliminate as many invisible threats as possible and protect your employees. So, how can you combat germs and keep your staff healthy

You’ll definitely need some professional help. So, hiring a trusted commercial cleaning service from San Francisco is an excellent way to start. But you’ll also need to involve your team, as office hygiene is a mutual responsibility. Here are 3 things you and your coworkers should do. Read on!

How do I eliminate germs from my office?

Your workplace hygiene directly influences your organization’s success. Neglected offices not only look unwelcoming, but they’re a shortcut to a business failure. They’ll harbor thousands of viruses and bacteria that can endanger your workers’ well-being, make your team less productive, and increase absenteeism.

If you’re looking for the best way to eradicate pathogens from your workplace, you’ll need to take the following three steps.

1. Have your space cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Your workers are probably too busy meeting all the deadlines, so you can’t expect them to mop floors or sanitize kitchen sinks. This is where janitors jump in. They’re trained to tackle all maintenance challenges properly.

Industry professionals can also locate germ breeding grounds and address them accordingly. These spots usually include switches, handles, doorknobs, etc. Also, they have all the necessary equipment and can suggest an upkeep schedule that suits your business’s needs.

2. Educate your employees.

Professionals will do their job, but you need to inspire your team to do their share. Did you know that a neglected mouse and keyboard can host about 7,500 pathogens? If your employees touch these surfaces, they can spread these germs around the office.

That’s why desk hygiene is of utmost importance. Here are some valuable pointers on office behavior.

  • Your employees should refrain from eating at their workstations, and they need to wipe their hands and all the surfaces around them with disinfectant wipes regularly. 
  • They should disinfect their belongings before placing them on the desk. For instance, if your employees put their handbags on the desk without disinfecting them, they’re likely to transfer germs from the bottom of their bags to the desk. The outside of our bags tend to carry many unnoticeable invaders as we place them everywhere: on the floor, on a bench, on a bus seat, etc.
  • They also need to wash and disinfect their hands before and after eating, after using the toilet, and after using shared office appliances and supplies.
  • They should also get rid of expired food and disinfect their hands after touching any surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom.
How do I eliminate germs from my office

3. Provide necessary personal hygiene products.

Having the right supplies at all times is vital in your battle against microbes. So, ensure your employees always have disinfecting wipes, antibacterial hand gels, and soaps.

You can also create anti-germ stations with appropriate disinfectants and posters illustrating proper hand hygiene and workplace behavior. These will always remind your workers to take care of personal and office hygiene.

Where can I find a top-notch commercial cleaning service in San Francisco?

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