5 Tips for Cleaning a Living Room Like a Pro

Tidying up your living space requires you to pay special attention to various parts of your house. Most notably, you should focus on your living room cleaning to ensure a perpetually healthy, cozy home in San Francisco for your loved ones and guests.

Don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! Coming up are the top 5 tips for keeping your living room spick and span. We’ll tell you how to breeze through this chore by using tried-and-true methods and tools. Read on!

What is the proper way to clean a living room?

Tackling your living room can be hard, especially if you do it after you freshen up your lovely bedroom or go over the bathroom from top to bottom. Thankfully, you won’t need that much energy to address each surface if you follow these 5 tricks:

What is the proper way to clean a living room

1. Declutter first 

Clutter makes a job that’s already hard even more difficult because it prevents you from accessing every part of your room. To avoid this, move all books, video games, toys, newspapers, and other stuff out of your way. You can put them in a laundry basket for the time being or throw some of them away if you no longer use them.

2. Dust from top to bottom

Living rooms are notorious for their ability to collect dust, which is why dusting should be one of your priorities. However, don’t do so randomly. Start from the top (light fixtures and other high surfaces) and work your way down to avoid contaminating surfaces you’ve already handled.

For hard-to-reach places, like shelves, curtain rods, and picture rails, be sure to use a long feather duster. It’ll eliminate the need to climb chairs by enabling you to work from the floor.

3. Polish your furniture

Don’t put your feet up after dusting your furniture. If you want to give your elements some special ‘oomph,’ don’t forget to polish them. Feel free to switch to natural products here because they work just as well as their commercial counterparts. One of the most popular options is white vinegar and olive oil. Here’s how to use it:

  • Mix one part white vinegar with four parts olive oil.
  • Spot-test the combination and pour it into your spray bottle.
  • Spray the furniture, and rub the solution with a microfiber cloth for a breathtaking sheen.

4. Clean mirrors and windows with vinegar

The mirrors and windows are super-important for the aesthetics of your living room. So, don’t skip them the next time you give the area a once-over. Again, there’s no need for commercial products here since white vinegar can work magic on these surfaces: 

  • Mix equal amounts of hot water and white vinegar.
  • Add some liquid soap and pour the solution into a spray bottle.
  • Spray your mirrors and glass.
  • Wipe the surfaces down with some newspaper for a streak-free look.

5. Vacuum before mopping 

Mopping floors is a key part of any routine, but you should first sweep or vacuum the place. This removes hair, dust, and other particles that can make your mop less effective. Also, consider sprinkling baking soda over your carpets to eliminate any bad smells.

Who provides professional-grade living room cleaning in San Francisco? 

Who provides professional-grade living room cleaning in San Francisco

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