San Francisco, founded by Francisco Palóu, is a city located on a peninsula between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Popularly known as the Golden Gate City, it is the western United States’ cultural and financial center and one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities in Northern California.

Our beloved city has a population of 881,549 people as of 2019. Famous for cultural attractions, picturesque beauty, diverse communities, and rich cuisine, our city’s landmarks include the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, cable cars, Union Square, China Town, the Castro District, North Beach, and Mission Dolores.

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San Francisco’s environment creates an exquisitely romantic and dreamy mood. The much celebrated serenity of this cosmopolitan makes it the most European of American cities. View of the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean are often laced with fog, which creates stunning scenery.

Our beautiful city is home to world-class opera, theatre, symphony, and ballet companies. The culture-changing performing arts and premiers of Broadway-bound plays boast the city’s magnificence and devotion toward diversity in arts.


San Francisco is considered one of the greatest dining cities in America. The diverse ethnicities, rich cultural influences, chefs’ creativity, and proximity of clean, fresh ingredients results in the most remarkable and memorable dining experiences. The city’s culinary scene is so exciting and diverse; you will be tempted to dine out everywhere.


San Francisco has an incredible landscape that offers happiness-boosting and stress relieving benefits to its residents. Besides the scenic beaches and green spaces, people reconnect with nature by driving to Mount Tamalpais State Park, Muir Woods, Point Reyes National Seashore, and Marin Headlands. San Francisco offers miles of biking and hiking trails in its natural landscapes on the West Coast.


Art, culture, live music, theatre, and literary events are conducted and celebrated all year around. Attending such cultural events have many health benefits. Research shows attending cultural events is the secret behind the healthy population in the city.

Recreational offerings, vibrant arts, and entertainment set San Francisco apart from other cities in the United States. The mind-soothing atmosphere nourishes the soul, making people healthier and happier.


According to the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit conservation group, San Francisco has some of the best public parks in the United States, ranging from the Presidio to Dolores Park to the Golden Gate Park.

Parking space-sized mini-parks known as “Parklets” are everywhere and offer greenery and seating to commuters and passersby. The city’s administration, businesses, and community play a key role in maintaining the city’s evergreen environment. San Franciscans love their town, and you can witness that in the lively, clean, and green public parks.


Public events in San Francisco are frequently free, outdoors, and well-attended. Events ranging from music concerts to fine-arts to yoga classes are easy to come by, as are community art projects and group volunteering activities.

The community events benefit the city as a whole and have profound effects on its residents. Robust community bonds and social ties have been linked with the residents’ increased wellbeing and longevity.


San Francisco’s local government made substantial efforts to construct 25 bike-parking areas and 20 new miles of bike lanes. The administration has installed traffic signals, which give bicycle riders the right-of-way.

San Francisco has been ranked the eighth-best city for bikers in the world. The installation of a hanging bike line on the new Bay Bridge is also the first of its kind. San Franciscans love to roam around the city on bicycles, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.


Most often, people say that there are more dogs than kids in the Golden Gate City. It is true because a new report published by the San Francisco Chronicle has validated the trumped dog population in the city. When it comes to love and affection for dogs, nobody can beat the pet-friendly people of San Francisco.

The city offers luxury dog hotels and rooftop dog cocktail parties. It is a city with a pet cemetery and sustainable programs to turn pet droppings into clean, alternative energy. Not only does this benefits dogs, but it also has many health benefits for owners in terms of improved cardiovascular health and reduced stress.


San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and everyone in the country and around the world craves to live here. The city’s administration, businesses, companies, community, and people have been making substantial efforts to make San Francisco the most prosperous metropolitan in Northern California.

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